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Lips/Mouth Tingles ... Normal?!

Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone has experienced migraines like the ones I get. I usually only get 1-2 every year. (I am 27 years old) The last one I had was about a year and a half ago. When I get my migraines, usually first I get auras in my eyes. That leads to either my hands or feet getting tingles. Then my tongues/lips get tingles as well. I went to the doctor yesterday to get a prescription because nothing works for me over the counter. She told me that tingles in my tongue/lips are not normal and I need an MRI. Which is fine, I kind of wanted one to ease my mind that nothing was wrong with me. She told me she is worried I may have MS. The only time my tongue/lips tingle is at the start of a migraine. The only time I get tingles other than the start of a migraine is when I work out and do squats, my pinky toe will get a little numb but I assumed that was from not wearing proper shoes. And sometimes when I stretch my arm all the way out during certain exercises, my arm will get a shooting pain, which I assume was the way I stretched it out with weights. I am waiting for my insurance to approve my MRI (3- business days) then I can schedule an appointment. Has anyone has tingles in the lips/mouth during a migraine? I thought it was a normal symptom, but according to my doctor it’s not. Of course all I am doing now is researching MS and getting nervous. Just wanted to ease my mind while I wait for my MRI, thanks!!!

  1. UPDATE: I just got my blood work which all came back normal! (not sure if this is helpful information)

    1. Have you had your MRI yet Samantha? I also get tingles on my lips with migraine but don't know if it's normal as I've been referred for an MRI, I too am worried about brain abnormalities and MS.

      1. I get tingles in my lips, tongue, tip of my nose and hands. I’ve been getting migraines every couple of months for years. Initially it scared me but now I’m grateful for the early warning sign. my doctor told me it was normal.

        1. Hi @SamanthaGG7190 did you get that MRI? I have the same with mine.

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