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New symptom, anyone else experience this?

I'm not sure if this was actually related to my migraines or if it is a separate incident but since migraine is my only diagnosed medical problem I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this.

Yesterday I had a sudden moment where I could hear my heartbeat in my ears drowning out everything. My eyes got super blurry and I could mostly just see a blur of color. I was trembling and had to press my body against the wall to stop myself from falling over. It lasted i think about 3 minutes and a cluster headache started after. I have fainted from migraines before but my symptoms usually start as a dizzy lightheaded spell with extreme sensitivity to light and noise. The episode yesterday was really scary and I intend to go to my doctor but I was curious if anyone else has experienced this as a part of migraines.

  1. I have experienced blurred vision, seeing stars, irridescent watery ripples (like as on a pond, but overlaying my field of vision), and seeing white. Usually my right eye is more effected.

    I have also experienced the "panic attack" symptoms: palpatations, trembling, presynoscope (nearly fainting), vertigo, throbing ears, ringing ears.

    These can all be found in lists of aura symptoms.

    They are scary.

    Many are similar to stroke, so be sure to read over the pages of symptoms found in the menu at this site. There is also "when to see the e.r." info at american migraine associate to help with determining if migraine or stroke symptoms.

    I take clonozepam off-label by prescription to help mitigate some of these symptoms and to reduce the anxiety that arises from experiencing the migraine.

    You can find information online suporting use of clonozapam for migraine and it may be something to discuss with your provider.

    Always! Always tell you doctor about any new symptoms. It may be something other than migraine or you may need a different therapy.

    Best to you.

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