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New User - Long Time Migraine Sufferer, but new experience

Hey folks,

Been a long time migraine sufferer since I was in early teens (now 47). Over the last decade significantly reduced occurence and severity with feverfew/magnesium supplementation.

However, last week (Wednesday night) I experienced a headache after the gym very similar to a normal migraine but without an aura and usual nausea etc. Carried on for a few days, with improvement over pain, but then noticed eye on affected side was very droppy. And more alarming noticed that the pupil was very constricted as opposed to the opposite 'unaffected' side. Had the wife look (former lab tech) and was quite surprised.

After research (calling Dr Google), we found that it can be associated with a 'cluster headache' which seemed to sort of fit the bill as far as general area, but severity was no where near how those sufferers describe their pain. =

Went to the Dr Monday who took some blood work to check for inflammation, checked my pupils and said 'cluster headache should be gone in a few days, come back in the headache returns within next two weeks and we'll look further'.

At gym last night, and after a heard workout, noticed that right side of forehead drenched with sweat, and left side literally dry. When combined with the droppy eye (seems to be getting better but comes and goes throughout the day) and pupils (not as bad a last week, but variance in dilation comes and goes it would seem) state that those three things constitute 'Horner's Syndrome'. Which is a disorder as a result of some other problem. Cluster and Migraines are two items that come up on the list, but so does big ugly things like 'brain tumor' etc. Trying to get back into the doctor for further investigation, but wondering if any of the migraine folks here have experienced such an episode. It's been a week now, and hoping for resolution.

Dave H

  1. Hi DaveH,

    Welcome and thank you for sharing your story with us.

    I'm happy to hear you saw your doctor, but would encourage you to follow up for more answers. Exertion (exercise for example) can trigger a migraine attack. This information from the American Headache Society has more information on this;

    A word regarding cluster headaches - you would probably be totally debilitated if you experienced one. Cluster headache has been referred to as "suicide" headache as the pain is so horrific. Here is more information on cluster headache;

    Please let us know how you make out,

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      1. Hello DaveH,

        I have a kind of hybrid migraine/CH (see my post 'Migraine and Normobaric Oxygen Therapy') and I doubt if what you have is CH. There is indeed the droppy eye, sweat and constricted pupil but the episodes are rather short (1 to 3 hours) and the pain is absolutely excruciating (a 1000 times worse that the worst migraine).

        I also have a constant constricted pupil on my 'migraine side' and I also thought about Horner. However I went to an eye doctor and they do a simple test where they drop cocaine in the eye. That can immediately reveal if it is Horner or not. As far as I remember, the pupil has to be constricted all the time and if there is no reaction on the cocaine, then that can point to Horner.

        Good luck and hope you can find out soon !


        1. Hi siegfried,

          Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! We look forward to hearing more from you!


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