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New Year, new thread... Same frustrations ;)

Happy, healthier 2017, everyone! Let's hope this is the year more of us find workable and lasting strategies, and can get back to actively pursuing the lives we want to lead 😀
Not for me tonight, though, as I sit at 3am in the almost-dark typing this. My apartment is like an oven (remember I'm in the sub-tropics in Australia), even though all windows and doors are wide open. It's at least ten degrees C cooler outside, but we've had a heatwave for the last three weeks, due to last at least another one or two weeks. Regardless, summer intensity will last until March (January & February is our cyclone season). Our air-conditioning died at the end of last summer, and the landlord forgot; now he's refusing to fix it even though we reminded him over a month ago. *
Officially we've been in a Low Level Extreme Heat Event for a month; there was a short period of High Level a few days ago. The temperature inside our apartment is never less than 27/28 degrees C and over the last 4 days it hasn't fallen below 30. NYE it was 38.9. We have three pedestal fans working around the clock, but it's not enough - I can't go outside after 7am because it's too hot and bright, and in the evening, before it cools a bit there are too many midges and mosquitoes.(I'm allergic to both the bites and the repellents)
I keep taking cool showers, and drinking electrolytes. I'm sticking to my Friendly Foods diet (didn't for two weeks, that was silly; the icecream only made me sicker). I'm trying very hard not to go to Emergency - I have very few workable abortives. My kool patches are currently out of warehouse stock for the pharmacies; the icy collar only lasts 10 mins; I'm out of stemetil (doesn't play nice with one of my preventives)... My GP is closed until Wed.
We tried a movie earlier in the evening (cool, fun but way too loud and driving in circles for 25 mins to find a parking spot didn't help either). Coming home to an oven dispelled the beneficial effect.
I'm exhausted and twitchy. I've lost my balance. I feel as if my head is being sheared and twisted asunder like some geological process is at work, and my eyes are turning into seething geysers. Lying down, half the world spins in one crazy direction, the other stays still or sputters in the other direction. If I close my eyes, purple galaxies erupt and spin dizzingly.
At 2am I gave up: I phoned the after-hours home visiting GP (yep, we have such a marvel. Bulk billing, too). They're coming! Just won't get here until after 8am.
Still, it beats up to 17 hours in Emergency waiting for maxalon or largactil...

* Here, rent and maintenance are separate issues. We can't withhold rent to pay for repairs; likewise, landlords must repair certain appliances and restore certain services for health reasons, and also if they were functioning when the tenant moved in. We have formally asked the Residential Tenancies Tribunal for mediation.

  1. Well, a blessing - and maybe a good omen for the year!
    Doctor has come and gone, left maybe 15 mins ago. Very reassuring manner. Gave me IM maxalon, and a script for some tablets just in case. But he did say that if this doesn't ease up to just go straight to Emergency. (I'm allergic to too many meds)

    He also had very many stern words for the landlord. (Then my partner woke up, and Dr learnt about his medical issues and had even more stern things to say!)

    So: instead of waiting 6 hours it was only 4. Maybe now I can get some sleep....

    1. Hey JOJ--Don't know how to reach you other than when I found this--been working16 hour days on the ranch with horrific migraines that have lasted almost the whole time. Working in the heat and humidity here in Florida makes it worse and my neurologist increased my topomax and relpax but I hardly have time to let it kick in. Plus Florida is like a tinderbox, we have had almost 90,000 acres burnt up in our county and neighboring countis with wild fires so I don't think the dust is going to be doing me much good either. Can't see my neurologist until May 26 and our ER here won't treat migraines unless you have a standing order from your physician. Talk about frustrations...ugh! Hope you are doing better and I would love to get an email from you. Don't have a facebook page..I know that's probably weird today but I just don't have time for is

      Take care and hope to hear from you soon.


      1. 😀

        1. Hey JOJ--dumb me, I just came in to check on the cattle futures at the Commodities Market in Chicago, Illinois and saw that I gave you the wrong email head is still killing me and it isn't even in the 90's here yet. Please send your email again and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Sorry for the inconvenience. Gotta run but will be in touch.


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