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Newbie silent migraines

Hi guys, I'm a newbie to both this site and recently diagnosed with silent migraines any advice would be very welcome.
It all started in June. I gave birth to my second daughter who was sadly stillborn, she was a day over due. This was obviously devastating. For weeks later I was watching TV with my four year old and I went blind in one eye, I got checked out and Dr said it was migrainous. Since then on a daily basis I get visual disturbances like zig zags, blind spots, cloudy vision, lightening strikes ect, I feel permently travel sick, I've had one really bad vertigo attack and several small spinny attacks, numbness in face, almost constant adrenaline waves, tiredness like I've never experienced before, brain fog, aches and pains, loud tinnitus and muscle twitches. Like I said I get these EVERY DAY. I've had MRI to eliminate other causes and thankfully nothing sinister showed up but I just can't go on living like this. They think the stress of what happened bought them on but how can I stop it? I have tried (excuse spellings) amatryptine, proponolol, sumatryptan and currently trying piloting. Anyone know if meds ate effective on silent migraines? I have a four year old who I want to enjoy spending time with and that's hard to do when I'm bed bound for weeks at a time! HELP PLEASE!

  1. Hi bexx,

    First let me say how sorry I am to hear about the loss of your daughter, I can only imagine how devastating that must be.

    It is possible the stress and fluctuating hormones may be triggering these attacks. It is so hard to be in pain everyday, it's absolutely frustrating and exhausting. I am however, happy to hear you've been in contact with your doctor to rule out other things.

    I did notice that you've tried a number of medications since June without luck. The thing about new medications is it can take up to three long months before we see a reduction in our migraine frequency and severity. During this time possible side effects may lessen as our body adjusts to the new medication. The problem with not staying on medication long enough and trying so many during a short period of time is we'll never know which one would have been the one to work. Does that make sense? And yes, similar medications that work for migraine are used for silent migraine.To give you an idea how many medications are used to treat migraine, take a look at this article;

    I would encourage you to seek out the help of a doctor who is an expert in migraine/headache disorders. These doctors are experts in treating migraine/headache as they have extra board certification in headache medicine. Here are a few article on what makes these doctors so special and how to find one; and 1.

    Again, I am so very sorry for your loss, my thoughts are with you and your family.
    Please keep us posted on how you are doing,

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