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Nightly migraine

I have been having a migraine every night between 2 and 4 AM for the last 8 years. I wake up take a half relax and go back to sleep, in the morning the migraine is gone. Over the years I have been to four Neurologists and have tried acupuncture, hipness, botox, multiple triptans, and assorted vitamins.
Any suggestions.

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    1. I am so sorry no one has gotten back with you. I wonder if you've ever had a sleep study or seen a sleep specialist. Many times nighttime migraine or waking up with migraine is a symptom of a sleep disorder. Since sleep disruptions are a common migraine trigger, these two problems often overlap and make each other worse.

      Here is a great series written by one of our patient advocates that may help you with ideas to discuss with your doctor.

      Also, if you are not getting good results with your current doctor, then maybe it's time for a second opinion from a headache specialist. You can find out more about these doctors at

      Please let me know what happens.

      1. I was also getting them around 3-4am. They would wake me up to seek my imitrex dose. I would be having dreams that incorporated the HA pain. They were very bizarre dreams at that point. My neurologist asked if I had a sleep study done, I didn't but he never ordered one either? I have been to 4 neurologists over the past 14 years for HA's. One of them mentioned that I should take a hit of pure oxygen & see if that helped. ( I worked as an RN so I had access to O2 if needed) I never tried it. I don't have regular patterns of when the HA will occur. the Night ha's would run in a pattern of 1-2 weeks & than stop,so I guessed it wasn't sleep disorder( I hate the idea of sleeping with a CPAP). I would have HA pain during the day instead. It became so bad that I was having a HA 2 times per day. I learned to split my 100 mg dose of imitrex in 1/2 due to my daily usage. I HAD TO FIGHT WITH THE INSURANCE CO TO BUMP UP MY ALLOTMENT FROM 9 A MTH TO 16. I have taken just about every med that can be used & even off label use of some that almost killed me (Timilol my heart rate dropped to 30 & I was passing out on the job & ended up in my own emergency room next to the trauma bay). I had given up at that point, I am retired now & dedicated my life to using imitrex only to treat the pain. It works for me but I am like an addict. I carried one with me at all times & felt panic when I forgot to carry one or my supply ran low & the Insurance comp got bitchy about the supply. They periodically wanted MD letters. I had my neurologist send them a note always did the trick. I was diagnosed with Daily Headache with migraine, Chronic migraine, Cluster Headache, it all depended on which neurologist I had been seeing at the time. I had many Ct's, & Mri's. Migraine stigmata was always mentioned on the reports along with mild to moderate small vessel Ischemic disease. I had also stopped short of getting Botox injections. I was approved as I met the criteria but the insurance company (Aetna) was being a PIA & it took months to get the approval only to find out that they would cover a small amount of $ for the treatment & I would need to pay up front $1000.00 for the first shot but about 1/2 for the subsequent doses. (4 x year). The % of success was 50/50 according to the neurologist, so it was a crap shoot, but expensive. I gave up again & could only think of how much imitrex I could obtain. I always worried that my insurance comp would cut my quantity back to 9 pills per month again. I had contemplated going across the boarder into Mexico to buy more imitrex, its available but at $8.00/pill. Recently I was talking to my Nephew who is a Pharmacist about this & he asked if I tried B12. IO had heard about this before but never considered it as I always tried to eat a well balanced meal & felt vitamins were a waste of $. Well I looked into the studies & followed the one from 2009!! ( no neurologist ever mentioned these studies to me) & decided to give it a shot. I did find out recently from a gen Physical lab report that I was vit D deficient. I started using vit d3 supplements & now have a low normal count. I didn't notice anychange in my HA's though, as a matter of fact they are getting worse, I think they are cluster as they never seem to go away just wane from almost gone to full blown in a wave patteren throughout the day & lasting for a week or 2. ( thank God I'm retired , I don't know how I could function under those bright hospital lights for 12-14 hrs a day as I was used to.
        Now this is what I would say is short of a miracle but I am cautious to say it will work just yet. I started the Vit B12/400 iu,Vit B6/25mg, Folic acid/2mg, & also Vit B50 complex/1 tab daily regimen. The 2 nd day I noticed some changes in my HA pattern, & by the 3rd day the pain was tolerable,( a dull pain that was relieved with 800 mg of Ibuprofen, day 4 no Ha. Day 5 a slight ha, day 6 no HA. I woke up feeling like new, & this continued for 7 days afterward. I only used 150 mg of imitrex since. Today I I have a HA & took 400 mg of Ibu but had to resort to 50 mg of imitrex. I am hoping that my migraines will be reduced & even the intensity isn't as bad as they were up to this point. It is early with this new Vit B regimen to pass a verdict but it seems to be doing more than all the meds I was prescribed over the years & for a whole lot less $$ (The Vit's are about $10/mth averaged). I would try this if I were you. I just had my vit B & homocysteine levels done & all are falling into the normal range. The homocysteine level was 11.3, Norm. <5.5-11.4>
        Good luck.

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