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Nitroglycerin stopping migraines

I was put on nitroglycerin patches 5 months ago and much to my amazement, my migraines have stopped! Has anyone else had this experience? I used to have 8 - 12 migraines a month, so this is really significant! I want to know if this will keep the migraines at bay or is it just a temporary side effect? If it is not, then other people need to know about this!!

  1. Hi slapril,

    Thank you for your question and being part of our discussion forum! Welcome.

    I do know nitroglycerin can trigger a migraine attack, but I've not heard of it preventing them. Having said that, that doesn't mean it's not possible.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for your continued success of reduced migraine frequency and severity.


    1. Actually, I am looking for someone who the nitro has helped head wise as well. I suffer from intracranial hypertension, and severe pressure headaches. Low n behold was on nitro for chest pain, and it actually made my headaches better, way better, like it opened things up finally.

  2. Hi Ceceham,

    OK, I follow you now. I've not hear of that for intracranial hypertension, but that doesn't mean it isn't possible. I also have IH and a bit of weight loss has helped a bit. Of course the ringing in my ears still persists....


    1. Thanks all for your comments! I just returned from the MGH vascular center and they want to put me on the nitro patch as well. Being a 37yr old mom, of course I wanted to see if it’s worked for others! I trust this hospital and the Dr I’m seeing but for what it’s worth, this treatment is best for the more complex situations, apparently. I’m no doc, but 80-90% of his patients responded to nitro patches when nothing else worked. (I have hemeplegic migraines, #ouch!!).

      To all migraine sufferers- be your own advocate and get the help you need! Xxxx

      1. Hello there! I take gabapentin for migraines. I have had one since last Monday and my gabapentin for whatever reason isn't working. My cardiologist prescribed me nitroglycerin for my heart. I took one tonight and like you my head stopped hurting. Call me crazy lol....most pool get bad headaches from the nitroglycerin. I was excited so I googled it and saw your post. Anyway, I just wanted to confirm what you experienced.

        1. Hi heidangel,

          Thank you for sharing that with us! I'm happy to hear that provided you with some relief.

          Most people from my experience, see the opposite - nitro will trigger a migraine attack. I'm glad that didn't happen to you!

          Wishing you a low pain day,

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