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Migraine is just head pain, right? Not even close! Share your symptoms.

When it comes to migraine, symptoms go FAR beyond head pain. For Migraine Awareness Month, help to let others they are not alone by sharing your most frustrating and not so widely known symptoms.

  1. Cognitive impairment, forgetfullness, hypersensitivity (light, sound, scent and touch!), photophobia, phonophobia, allodynia, jamais vu, vertigo, nausea, palpatations, suicideation, weakness, alice in wonderland syndrome, phantom smells and sounds, chills, feverish, constipation, diareaha, vomiting, aphasia, apraxia, metallic taste, fatigue, insomnia, visual disturbances (seeing stars, patters, whiteouts, tunnel vision, blurred vision), stiff neck, fear, aggitation, hypervigilance, depression, tingling or numbing of skin or limbs, nystygmus, tinnitus, toothpain, presynoscope, abdominal pain, sence of foreboding, anxiety, panic, feeling light, feeling disembodied, cold hands, cold feet, flushed face., hot ears, anorexia, food cravings, lack of comprehension, euphoria, slurred speech, inability to consentrate, listen or read


    Oh, and head pain that feels like a glass grenade suspended mid-explosion inside my skull that gets worse if I bend over, walk, move, lie down or sit up.

    Soooo much more than a headache.

    Each migraine is different. Some have fewer symptoms (yeah!). Some have all of those symptoms (boo!) I've probably forgotten some stmptoms, too.

    1. I think summed it up. Sleepless nights, awaken from deep sleep due to pain. Lack of peripheral vision, tunnel vision, squiggles in vision, memory lapse on short term memory, speech impediment, Oh yeah stiffness in neck in shoulders ...yup covered the whole spectrum of joys to be had.

      1. Ah, yes. Memory lapse. I forgot that one. Haha! Thank you

    2. Trouble concentrating, extreme nausea, very tired, sometimes i have an aura mostly not. A lot of muscle tension in my upper shoulders.

      1. Migraine is a full-on body experience. The agonizing pain that refuses to end, the nausea and vomiting - well beyond anything left in my stomach. Tingling in my hands and feet, diarrhea, difficulty seeing, inability to sleep. Dehydration, Exhausted all the time. Depression, despair, hopelessness and isolation. Light hurts, my hair hurts. Jaw and neck pain... and on it goes so no, migraine is not just a headache.

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