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Ocular migraine with aura without headache

Hey there. I'm hoping someone has had something similar happen. A few weeks ago, I noticed a flicker in my left eye peripheral vision. I thought something external was blinking then realized it was my eye! It's semi-circle in shape and somewhat blurry and blinks fast. And happens only in peripheral.

For the last few weeks it's been happening more and more, although I'm noticing it more and more so my awareness is high. Sometimes when I'm busy or my mind is pre-occupied with something else, I've gone three days without it happening. Then when I think about it or am stressed it begins again. The eye doctor saw nothing but a healthy eye and the brain doctor did all the tests and came to the same conclusion. They both seem to think ocular migraine with aura without headache. But once mine starts, it hard to stop it. It pretty much continues sporadically throughout the day.

I am getting an MRI and EEG this week so we'll see. It's very scary and I notice it generally begins in moments of stress. Important note is I am an extremely high stress/high anxiety person, very very. But I kept myself very low stress yesterday (meditated, walked, napped) and nothing happened until about 6:30pm so I feel like I have some level of control in a way. But because I am who I am, I immediately think: brain tumor, blood clot, MS, epilepsy, strokes, etc.

Anyways, anyone out there have something similar?


  1. David,

    I don't have something similar, although I have occasionally had vision disturbances as part of my migraine pattern. I don't recall any of them lasting for several weeks, though. What I can relate to is anxiety- I would also characterize myself as a relatively high stress/anxiety person, so I know how hard something like this can be when it happens to me.

    Of course I would do your best to avoid thinking the worst- it sounds like they are checking it out pretty thoroughly, hopefully you will get some answers that can give you some reassurance and peace of mind. It sounds like the eye and brain doctor have both so far felt like it is not something to be concerned about, which is good (but I can relate to being concerned about it anyway)!

    Please, keep us posted on the results of your MRI/EEG. I also hope that the vision disturbances stop.

    Melanie (team member)

    1. Hi Melanie,

      I appreciate your response. I have a suspicion that my stress/anxiety could be somewhat correlated to this strange experience. As I'm sure you know, it's a hell of a thing and can really do a number on so many different systems of your body. Particularly health anxiety. Anyways, hopefully the exams all come back normal and/or they give me an answers. Thanks again for taking the time to write.


      1. David,

        Yes, anxiety is so very hard. I'll look forward to hearing an update from you when you get the results back!

        Melanie (Team member)

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