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Olfactory hallucinations

Hello. My son is 14 and has just started getting what we think are migraines. He hasn’t had an MRI yet so we aren’t positive it isn’t something else. He has almost daily olfactory hallucinations that are outside of the migraines he has been having. He isn’t having them right before or during the migraine. Right before the migraines he is getting a visual aura. I am just wondering if anyone else experiences something similar with olfactory hallucinations seemingly not associated with the migraine.

  1. Hi there , Thanks for reaching out & for your question. While this symptom is more commonly reported before, during or after and an attack, some have shared that they do experience olfactory hallucinations outside of this time. I wanted to share this article as many members have shared their personal experiences with this particular symptom in the comments at the conclusion of the article. You might find it helpful to review these comments.

    I truly wish your son the best of luck at finding ways to effectively manage his migraine. Keep us posted! Take care.

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