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Once you receive SSDI can you refuse Medicare?

I recently was approved for SSDI, and am very confused by the insurance part of it. Has anyone refused Medicare and stayed on their spouse's private insurance? Any examples of how you navigated the Medicare/Medicaid/Private Insurance would be helpful. At 40, I am not at all familiar with Medicare and just received my notice, which means it goes into effect 1/1/20. HELP!!!!

  1. Hi Dana, thank you for reaching out! Congratulations on being approved for SSDI! That can be an exhausting and difficult process. From what I am reading, you can opt out of Part B but not Part A. However, you can continue to be on your spouse's health insurance as supplemental. These resource provide some clarification:
    I would encourage you to contact both to the SSDI office and your spouse's insurance provider to gain clarity on what coverage you have and what you need to do to maintain both parts so as not to risk any issues with your SSDI. I realize it may be difficult to get some of the answers you need with the holiday, but *most* offices should have hours and staff available through at least part of tomorrow (12/31). Please keep us posted on what you learn and how it all gets sorted out! Wishing you a gentle evening. ~Allyson ( team)

    1. Thank you Allyson. It was an extremely long and incredibly exhausting process. I received my notice of award on Christmas Eve and have until tomorrow to decide, so with the the two holidays I kind of feel like I should get some bonus days! There is also the Supplemental Insurance you can purchase and at this point I still qualify for some of my Medicaid benefits(not one situation is the same). I was just completely uneducated about Medicare, I didn’t know that’s what you got once you became disabled and I am not anywhere near the age where I would be looking into it for retirement purposes. I would really like to have dental benefits, just so much to learn in such a short time. Thanks for the link!

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