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Onset of debilitating migraines at 58

Hello all, I hope it is ok to post in this forum. If it should be in the caregiver forum please let me know. Our family is at a loss as to how to help our mom. My mom is 58 years old. 9 days ago she had her first migraine. It came on suddenly at a 10+ level of pain. She went to the ER and was sent home that same evening as having a migraine. In the ER they gave her morphine to help with the pain. They did not send her home with any pain medication.

On the 24th she was back in the ER with another migraine. They did the same treatment and conducted a CT and XRay. Both were clear. They sent her home again but this time with Fioricet.

She went back into the ER on the 26th. This time we pushed for further testing. The ER gave her toradol and benadryl first and when that didn't help they gave her morphine which only took away the stabbing pain. She went from a level 20+ to a level 5/6. The ER consulted with neuro and decided to admit her. She was in the hospital until yesterday. While in the hospital they were only giving her tylenol (not sure dosage). This was helping. She had no migraine. Yesterday they sent her home with Imitrex.

This morning my dad took her back to the hospital with yet another migraine. The Imitrex did not work. We are very confused and concerned. She is only ok in the hospital. Some key factors I noticed were the following:

At hospital: laying down most of the time, didn't wear her glasses, didn't have her teeth (she wears dentures), didn't smoke and was not around smoke, not as noisy, slept in a regular bed.
At home: mostly laying down but in a more comfortable position for her (her normal sleeping / laying down), smoked and was around smoke, noisier than the hospital, tried to sleep in a water bed

She has Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Both stay elevated when the migraine comes on. Each time the migraine presents itself it is worse than the time before.

Hopefully I didn't leave anything out. I am just looking for some advise or guidance on things we might be missing that could be triggers. I understand we aren't doctors in here and do not expect any type of medical advise. Just some opinions of others in these situations.

  1. @sapphireangel81, you have come to the right place to post about your mom. It is baffling to hear she had her first migraine at 59 years old. Has the hospital referred her to a neurologist or headache specialist?

    In your mom's case it sounds like she needs to be under the care of this type of healthcare provider. Many doctors aren't trained on how to care for a migraine patient in the hospital. I'm attaching a link to the American Migraine Foundation's website. They have a doctor finder that you may find helpful. Keep us posted! I hope your mom finds help soon.

    1. Thank you so much Peggy. We are just as baffled as to what is causing this all of a sudden. She has been referred to a neurologist; however, she isn't out of the hospital long enough to get to them. This last stay on the 26th they put a neurologist over her care.
      Things were looking better and neuro was very informative. The only thing they haven't done yet is prescribe her a preventative because they said she has to have more than 2/3 a month and since this is her first month getting them they don't have enough history to officially diagnose with migraines. 🙁

      1. @sapphireangel81, I'm glad your mom is under the care of a neurologist. I hope your mom doesn't continue having these episodes, but if she does, you already have a healthcare provider to see for a preventive medication. Good luck with all of this!
        ~ Peggy ( team)

    2. @saphhireangel81, Hello Peggy I am Jana the mom, with the migraines. I haven't had one since Dec.31. The Dr. has me on Topamax twice daily. It seems to be working. Thank you for the information. I am under the care of a Neurologist. They still cant pinpoint the reason for the migraines at this time. I do have a genectic history of migraines. My mother and grandmother both after menopause.
      Thank You Again

      1. have any of you tried lighting products for your migraines? What have you tried? Have you tried

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