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over the counter nausea meds?

I prefer natural and homeopathic remedies, but these have been insufficient for migraine nausea/vomiting/vertigo.


I have an upcoming appointment with my dr and will be requesting a prescription antiemetic, but want to stock something in my first aid kit in the mean time. I got two different travel sickness meds (dramamine and a generic) that have different active ingredients.

Was wondering what folks here have tried and if any success. Thanks

  1. Thanks

    1. HI glassmind,

      Ginger has helped me with nausea, I've used Gin-Gin's, a chewy ginger candy.

      This article by Amanda has wonderful information on this;

      Let me know how your appointment goes.

      1. I have tried ginger, peppermint, papaya, and immodium. None of these are sufficient for nausea and vomiting I get with a migraine.

        I do find them effective for seasickness or digestive upset from foods. Just not for migraine nausea, vomitting and bowel distress.

        1. Thanks for the link and info

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