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How do you go on and cope with pain this bad?

I am in agony. I want to cry and never stop but that'll only make it worse. I have chronic migraines and I can't cope anymore. The pain is so bad. It's never ending. I'm supposed to see a headache specialist but it's taking too long. I need something to help the pain. No amount of tablets I'm on or pain medication I've taken takes away the pain. Can someone please give me some advice. I've lost all hope. I need something. Something to cling onto for dear life. Something to relight the fire that has long gone out, to carry on. To keep fighting. I don't have the strength anymore. My migraines just keep pushing me to see how much pain I can endure. I've been able to cope this far. But I can't anymore.

  1. , We absolutely hear what pain you are enduring. Finding ways to cope is so challenging & please know you are NOT ALONE in these feelings! You have an entire community behind you here who understands what you are going through. When is your appointment scheduled with the specialist? I would encourage you try & be as prepared as possible for your appointment and preparing as much information in advance as possible to make it effective & productive. Maybe some tips from this article can help you to prepare. Have you heard about the new treatment Aimovig that was recently approved? Many are sure holding onto hope that this treatment will provide them with the relief that they too are in great need of! Here is some information in case you missed it & you would like to discuss with your doctor.

    I sure know if may feel like you have tried everything, but please don't give up hope for better days ahead! One of our contributor's recently shared an article that may provide you with a bit of encouragement. The Virtue of Not Having Tried “Everything”

    As you wait for other members to possibly share their thoughts, please know we are always here for support. Sending you continued strength.

    1. Thank you so much for your response 😀

      I was supposed to see the specialist a while a go. Probably at the start of the year, but the appointments got cancelled for various reasons from both me and the hospital.
      I had one appointment chance left and they said I missed it when I asked to cancel it. So now they're telling me I have to get referred again by my GP.
      When I first got referred, it took up to a year to get an appointment. So I'm scared that if I get referred again, I'll have to wait another year. I've sent an email to them and I'm waiting for a reply. Because I really don't think I can wait another year.

      Thank you for all your help, and giving me links to look at. I'll be reading them straight away 😀

    2. Also, do you know if Aimovig is available in the UK?

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