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Are you married or in a committed relationship? Is your partner understanding?

How do you navigate living with migraine with your partner? Are they supportive?

  1. He has learned and understand that when I have a migraine, I’m not messing around. He is very supportive at home but when I have to go to the ER, it’s hard for him. He hates seeing me in pain and wants to take it all away.

    1. My husband and I have been together for 26 years and will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in May. He is very supportive. He wished he could do something or take the pain on himself that I feel. We both get frustrated but Rich is my rock. It seems like I cancel plans more often than not. With chronic migraines I want to hide in bed under the covers! They have been brutal lately and I go see a new neuro in March.

      Good luck to us all. 😀

      1. My husband has been very supportive but it is hard for him because he doesn't completely understand what I am going through. He gets anxious because he cant help but he learned that when I have a migraine it is best to leave me alone unless I ask for help! Just have to help educate him a bit to help him understand what I am going through.

        1. My partner's lack of empathy for my abdominal migraines finally caused me to leave him. I could cope with his lack of empathy most of the time, but his complete lack of empathy during an attack was the proverbial straw. This was not an easy decision as he is 85 years old.
          My incidence of migraines has decreased since leaving him.

          1. Hi there , I am sure this must have been an extremely difficult decision to make. Taking care of you & having supportive people in your life should certainly take priority. I am so happy that your frequency has deceased & may it only continue to improve. Thank you for sharing this with us. Warmly, Joanna ( Team)

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