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Are peanuts safe when going on an elimination diet?

I have been suffering with chronic migraines for the past thirty years. They have definitely worsened recently, more than likely due peri menopausal changes. I have a high stress job in patient and can't afford to lose time from work. I have tried an elimination diet before but was unsuccessful because I wasn't prepared (don't cook and lost about ten pounds in a month). I'd like to try the diet posted on this site but I wanted to make sure I had enough options to avoid losing weight. I used to eat almond butter and noticed that pure peanut butter was allowed..but thought all nuts were to be avoided. I'd appreciate any thoughts...thinking of avoiding them all together but was hoping for a little clarity.

  1. Hi there debay1021,
    As you wait for possible feedback from the community, I thought I'd share this article as it provides a very comprehensive list of foods to eat and to avoid. Typically nuts should be avoided as you will see this article also mentions - Good luck on the diet and keep us posted on how things go if you can! -Joanna ( Team)

    1. I haven't found my trigger yet and am in the elimination stage. From everything I have read and studied, no nuts at all. I have eliminated all of them. But I missed my peanut butter and it was suggested that I use Sun Butter. It is sunflower seed butter. I got the crunchy and it is really good and works for me. I gave up the almond milk as well for my protein shakes. Coffee has been the hardest, 40 years of coffee drinking. It has been 4 weeks now and doing well.

      1. Peanuts, nuts, and some seeds (particularly chia) are triggers for me. I wouldn't do any of them to start, and then add them back in slowly. It tripped me up during an early elimination diet that was based on allergies. I used various nut and seed based products to compensate for the gaps in my diet and I got worse instead of better.

        1. I would not start eating them either. They have bothered me a lot in the past. If you are really wanting to eat nuts I would try pistachios or almonds or something a bit simper. I have heard of peanuts being a big problem to migraine suffers.

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