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On another forum I've become aware of a supplement called PeaPure. It is palmitoylethanolamide,it has been well tested with many clinical trials. It has given pain relief for people with chronic pain not relieved by other means. I've read quite a bit about it yesterday and decided to purchase some. It's says if you don't find relief after 2 months to stop taking it, it doesn't work for you. What I've read mentions relief for migraines, even opening a capsule and putting the contents under your tongue for immediate relief. The best part is there have been absolutely no side effects whatsoever.

  1. Hi bkacz,

    I've haven't heard of this dietary supplement,thanks for sharing. Here is a bit of information on this;

    I'm not sure about the statement "there have been absolutely no side effects whatsoever" each medication and/or supplement has the possibility of potential side effects because we all react to supplements and medications differently.


    1. I found the Scientific literature interesting on palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) It has been researched as a natural pain regulator. It is known to act on a receptor called gamma PPAR. Unfortunately it is not sold in the U.S. and is not imported anymore, but is sold in Europe as PEA Pure. I got some for my wife, who suffers from Chronic migraine. I tried some myself to see the effect and it was at least as effective on my knee pain as Ibuprofen I'd be interested to know if it helped you bkacz?


      1. Hi Mikey,

        Yes, I do find the Peapure very helpful, but it hasn't been helpful in preventing the migraines. Another supplement I take with the Peapure for stubborn days is called AKBA Plus, it is a concentrated version of boswellia (frankincense) I purchased the AKBA Plus from Amazon. Both are healthy for you and work much better than NSAIDS. They are so helpful for inflammation, takes care of my knee and back pain when it flares up. Also a side pain I have trouble with, I believe is probably costochrondritis. My husband takes the Peapure also as it really helps chronic swelling he has with his legs.

        I have given quite a few supplements, if not all, a try to prevent the migraines. I'm still trying each new thing I find out about. Right now I have migraines for 2 days twice a month. I'm still using the Cefaly too. I quit for a short time and the migraines became more frequent and more severe. I haven't tried beta blockers because I have low blood pressure.

        1. Hi Bkacz,

          Glad you have found something helpful for you and thanks for sharing. Everyone is different, but it's always good for people to see what helps others and maybe have something else to ask their doctor about.

          Let us know how it is going!

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