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I have suffered with Aura Migraines since my 40's but now in my 50's I've had a spell lasting three weeks and I had to take some days off. Usually I can work through and collapse when I get home or at work at least get the overhead lights off. The last spell like this was about 18 months ago and since then I get them but not on what I would call a regular basis. Upshot is I've never been sure what my trigger or triggers were. Yesterday I caught a whiff of a musky perfume and my head was immediately on alert, today my colleagues ( all considerably younger than me) are each wearing different perfumes and guess what the migraine is back. Thing is apart from potentially causing an outcry by asking them to refrain from wearing perfume to work, which I know is a potential solution, are there any other tricks I can use for example a air purifier on my desk ? If anyone out there has had a similar problem then any advice is welcome, thank you

  1. Hi Jillie57,

    Thank you for being here with us and sharing your journey. Perfume - UGH!! I simply cannot understand the need to bath in perfume - a little goes a LONG WAY!

    The older I get the more sensitive I am to scents. One of the worst scents for me is the fertilizer (at least I think that's what it is) in big box stores.

    Essential oils may be worth looking into. I use this difuser (they call it an inhaler, I don't inhale it, rather wave under my nose) to clear offending scents when needed;, something to consider. And what about a desk top difuser with an essential oil that works for you? And there is always an air purifier. This article has some tips on how to combat this issue.

    Whatever you figure out, will you let us know how it works?

    Have a good day!

    1. The worst for me is the plug in scents. I took my husband in for some minor surgery this morning. When we walked into the Doctors office, I immediately felt nauseous. There was a plug in in this tiny office space. You would think a Doctor would know better. I am currently sitting in my car, waiting on my husband.

  2. Hi pennyleigh222,

    UGH! You're right, that is the worst, I'm sorry you had to go through that.

    I hope your husband's surgery was a success!


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      1. Hi All, it's definitely musky scents for me, along with sharp citrus perfumes. I often find my scent triggers are something natural like smoke or petrol (gas in US). I hate those plug in scent things, and wonder why people have to bathe in their perfume. Surely a little goes a long way. It's excruciating. I do feel for you, Jillie57, if your colleagues overperfume themselves ( though to be fair, on the day just a little can set my migraine off). I asked a helpful colleague if she could not spray perfume in the office and she was great! She avoided the offending perfume when I was around. Hope you find a solution.

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