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Peripheral Nerve Decompression Micro Surgery

After exhausting all available migraine treatments , my 17 year old daughter was told that she had to learn to live with the pain. Our family did not like that response. After searching on the internet, we came across a story about nerve decompression surgery. After months of pain, we contacted Dr. Ducic of Georgetown University. He preformed the surgery on my daughter. In recovery my daughter was smiling! I had not seen a "real" smile from her in over a year. The is a relatively new surgery. My daughter missed the social aspect of her junior year in high school, she was given a temporary disability due to the headaches and felt very alone. Now, she is enjoying her time as a senior in school and doing well in her classes! Her story can be found at

  1. Teenazless, I'm so thankful that your daughter was able to find relief. I wish this surgery was going to benefit everyone, but alas, it is not to be. That said, I think every Migraineur, especially if they're chronic, is going to smile at the thought that at least one person is feeling better now as a result.

    1. I have been approved to go see Dr. Ducic for a consult. I will let everyone know of my progress.

      1. Thanks Rgfurr 😀


        1. Hello everyone,

          Well, I had surgery with Dr. Ducic on Feb 10. He removed all 16 nerves in my forehead, temples, above my ears and the back of my head. I am so excited to say that I have not had any migraine symptoms since. I have had no migraine pain, no sensitivity to light, no sensitivity to sound and no nausea. I can walk outside in the sun now. I have not had a pain free day in 4 years. There is some discomfort from the stitches (I get them out tomorrow), but nothing remotely close to the pain I had before.

          For those being told that you must learn to live with the pain, this is the best decision I have ever made. I paid for the entire surgery up front so I was able to get all nerves done at one time.

          I chose to go ahead and remove the nerves to ensure I would not have to have surgery again if decompression did not work.

          I am also already applied for jobs so I can go back to work.

          I have also been earing foods that were triggers before with no pain.

          1. WOW WOW WOW! Thank you all. Its taken me collapsing in a car driving and going to the emergency room to get here. Over the years I have been told to take more vertigo medicine, you must be an alcoholic, and a neurologist out loud laughing at me because I met with a vestibular physical therapist after 20 years of talking to doctors. *SIGH

            I found Kevin Crutchfield only because the physical therapist was able to do a couple tests and see that my issues were caused by the several concussions that I have gotten from doing crazy horse stuff. I drove back to my GP and screamed that I was not leaving until I got a referral for the best concussion specialist in the Washington DC - Baltimore area. A nurse that had a football player teen ran out with one.

            Kevin did the blocks and told me to schedule the surgery with Dr. Ducic but I have waited so I could do the research and see what my head would do. Everything is a science experiment to me. Well I type this with my ears ringing...again...sight bad....again and a migraine that is reminding me where I started with these things over 10 years ago. *SIGH

            I am blessed that I am within driving distance of Dr. Ducic and I have all of your stories that I can use to bring myself to make the appointment.

          2. Hi! It’s very good story! Can you help me, please. Can we speak via skype? Can you write me your skype to I’m thinking about this surgery. Thanks in advance!

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