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Pets and Migraine

It’s amazing to hear all of the pet stories, here on I’ve never wanted a pet, until recently. Now I’m thinking I may get a dog someday. The thing is that I have nothing short of all-encompassing concerns about taking care of a dog.

With daily migraine, and the level of fatigue it causes, I can’t imagine being able to walk a dog as needed, or even let it outside. I wouldn’t have the energy to bathe it as needed, or check it for ticks every day.
An even bigger concern is money. On a disability income, I live month to month with not a penny leftover. I could scrimp a little more, but that still wouldn’t amount to much.
Dog food, and maybe a dog walker for consistent exercise, would be very expensive. And then if there are any veterinary needs, well I can’t imagine that expense.
Those of you with pets: how do you manage to meet their needs within the multiple limitations of migraine? I’d really like hear some ideas on this.
Kate 🌷

  1. PS - I’m particularly interested in caring for a dog. Though I’d love to hear ANY pet management type stories.
    Kate 🌷🌷

    1. Thank you for brining this up. I'm also on SSDI and don't have much income to spare each month. I do have a Chihuahua mix rescue, around 10 lbs. On the days I'm dealing with higher migraine pain, we don't go for walks, and she seems fine walking around the back yard.
      As far as money goes, it's difficult for sure. I try and put away a bit each month just in case something crops up.
      I'm sure others will be along shortly to share their experiences with you and I'm sending you pain free wishes, Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator (Team Member)

  2. Thanks, Nancy. Your experience is helpful - good info. Maybe I’ll need a small dog. I’m not doing it any time soon, but I really want to start thinking about it and asking how people manage it.
    Another concern is the dog hair, for someone too sick to clean often enough for that. Maybe a short haired dog. It will be a rescue dog, if anything. Not a puppy.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing how you make it work, Nancy.
    Kate 🌷

    1. Makes perfect sense. While my pup sheds, it's not too much and if I brush on a regular basis that is helpful. When I rescued Mitzi in 2020 the rescue organization told me she was three years old and boy were they off! She was probably closer to six when I got her and is approaching 10 now - that's a huge difference. She is a wonderful companion. And I agree, if and when the time comes a small dog may be a good choice. There are a few out there who don't shed a lot....
      Stay cool and I look forward to your updates, Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator (Team Member)

  3. Thanks, Nancy!
    Kate 🌷

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