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What has been your experience with Phentermine?

Has anyone else seen improvement while taking Phentermine? My migraines completely disappeared when I was on it.

  1. Hi there , Wow, that is great! It sounds like you are no longer on this medication? Was it prescribed as a migraine preventative? I do not have any feedback to share unfortunately on this, but I did however want to tag another member in our community here who too had an unexpected result of tremendous improvement in their migraine when taking this medication. . You can read their experience here. -

    I too am very interested to hear & maybe learn from others should they chime in to share their experiences. Thanks for reaching out! -Joanna ( Team)

    1. Hello all! It's been a very informative journey for me. My focus came to me once I committed to a diary, and also did my share of research on my hyper-mobility. I'm beyond excited to say that phentermine has taken me from 15-20 migraines a month, to a reasonable 3-4 a month that I'm able to manage with my Amerge abortive, and in worst case, benadryl and ice. Prior to the phentermine I did a BP diary along with a food diary. I was able to see that an increase in my adrenaline, and along with a spike in my BP/temps, I would normally get a migraine within 2-6 hours. In addition I'm now on a histamine restriction diet, as every food that releases histamine naturally in your system, such as probiotics, fermented foods, cheese, onions, root veggies, would also trigger the migraines. Without the phentermine, my BP is Hypotensive, and unregulated. So on a normal day my BP would be 90/60, which is completely not normal. Now on Phentermine my BP is consistently 110/80. I still struggle trying to keep my pressure stabilized due to diet. Carbs & Veggies will always make my pressure drop, and my temps drop. I can put money on the fact that when my temp drops to 96.7, from 98.6, and I see my BP drop, I'll be getting a migraine. It's the worst. I did a migraine study with Hopkins a few years ago, and the best lesson I learned was that migraines are almost always reactionary to diet, inflammation, and your connected tissues reacting to a physical response, or shift. I don't believe I could have gotten a hold of my migraines without taking advantage of data tracking on my day to day. Sadly my answer was not meant for someone who is already hypertensive, and you should have a good understanding about your heart health. But I can tell you that I'm thrilled, and really got my life back thanks to this drug.

        1. Hello, Phentermine is similar to amphetamines and I have read a little about amphetamines being used to stop a migraine, but only found a little info here and there.

          Interesting about the body temp. I have almost always ran a little below 98.6 and usually, if I am at 98.6, I feel bad and am getting sick. My mom is the same and had migraines when she was younger. My bp usually runs a little low also. I wonder if there could be an unreconized correlation for other migraine sufferers?

          The whole food triggers issue is a nightmare too. Especially, when so many foods we buy have multiple ingredients and I just feel too lousy to cook with my migraine headaches on top of other pain issues.

          It’s great you have found something that works for you. Thanks for the info.

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