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Hello to everyone!

Is it normal that if you are having migrains with aura you are photophobic? But not only when you get aura,I mean every day ... and that you sometimes see little shiny spots for a secund and than it goes away?

  1. Hi barbie86,

    Being photophobic can occur during a migraine attack - I experience this during most of my attacks. A small number of people do experience persistent visual aura, but that should definitely discuss this with your doctor. Have you had a through eye exam recently? That may be another thing to discuss with your doctor.

    In the meantime let me give you information on persistent aura;


    1. Yes, I'm photophobic during my attacs, I don't know but sometimes I have headache after aura, sometimes not. I also found out that if I'm doing some physical work and don't eat a lot, I see a light spot for some seconds. I don't know if this is aura or something else? Has anyone such experience?

      1. BTW I have my eyes examined 😀

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