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Does Physical Therapy help?

Have any of you guys found relief from you migraines with physical therapy?

  1. Hi k_nelson,

    Thank you for your question! I've had aqua physical therapy and standard PT for my chronic head and neck pain. Neither helped too much.

    Having said that, I have heard from a few patients who have some positive results with PT. The thing about PT is it's not a quick fix and the exercises need to be done every day.

    I'm going to PT for a shoulder problem, and just finished it for my hip. My hip is better, but I have to do the exercises every day. My should is VERY slow going, and I may need a cortisone shot.

    I guess the bottom line is with continued (PT) exercises, PT could be a good addition to a migraine management plan.

    Nancy Harris Bonk, Moderator/Patient Advocate

    1. Thanks Nancy for your reply.

  2. I too did PT for migraine and a shoulder injury, it helped some with the shoulder but no effect on the migraines. Botox injections helped some or at least but down the frequency of episodes but it required injections every 3 months which insurance only covered twice a year. Ironically, I had a friend ask if I wanted to try a yoga class, I enjoyed it and after going a couple of weeks I noticed I was no longer getting migraines as long as I practiced twice a week. Once I came down with flu and couldn't practice then the migraines returned but when i started yoga again the following week the migraines stopped. It may not work for you but maybe worth trying....just make sure its a gentle yoga that holds the pose for an extended amount of time. Hope my 2 cents helps you.

    1. K_nelson
      I do believe that something such as PT, chiropractic, or yoga could be helpful for some individuals with their migraine. There are different types of migraines and some can start from the muscles in the neck. In cases like that, anything that involves keeping those muscles moving and stretching would help reduce the frequency of your migraine. If it is helping you I most definitely would not think twice about continuing it! Every little bit of relief is great!!!
      Best wishes.

      Amanda Workman (moderator & contributor)

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