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Pillow ? Have you given a thought

Well, I have been suffering from Migraine for almost 10+ years, but with very limited trial and error techniques and some discussions I have managed to reduce it to once a fortnight from twice a week.
After working up on my schedule and maintaining journal on my daily routine, I wanted to try this option, as this was easily available one.

Try using a good mild stuffy pillow rather than full soft, comfy one. and make sure your pillow touches your shoulder blades when you lay flat on your back on bed, this way it gives much needed support for your head and more important neck.
I still get migraines but the pattern and occurrence has reduced.
Hope this helps someone somewhere.

  1. Hi bintorys,

    What a great idea - thank you so much for sharing that with us. Any tips and tricks that help one person may help another.

    I often fight with my pillow at night. If I am able to place it near my shoulders my head/neck do feel a bit better. The only problem is getting to stay in that position all night!

    Thanks again!

    1. Oh my goodness - I cannot sleep without my buckwheat pillow. If I sleep without it, I get a migraine. I take it EVERYWHERE with me. I went to family in the South for Thanksgiving - it came with me. I go the nation's capitol - it came with me. I am going over to Africa to visit family - I asked for my family there to order me one so I can have it there. No way I can sleep without it. So yes - pillow makes all the difference for me.

      I also have designed my own buckwheat pillow that is not the conventional pillow shape.

      1. Buckwheat pillow - I will have to research that. I use the pillow that has cooling gel on it.

        1. Does a buckwheat pillow support your neck? I have to have support.

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