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So I have tried many drugs, none have helped lessen/prevent my migraines apart from my current medication Pizofiten. The only thing is I have put on a substantial amount of weight and fast! I am also constantly exhausted. While my migraines have finally reduced a lot, I’m still not enjoying life as I’m constantly sleeping - 12hrs plus! I’m only on one tablet a day. I asked my dr for an alternative and she told me that all medications make you fat and tired, so I should stick to the one I’m on because at least it is working. Any suggestions? Thanks

  1. Hi Lauren91,

    On one hand I'm happy to hear this medication is working, on the other hand if these side effects are troublesome it's time for a change.

    As much as I don't like to disagree with doctors, in this case I do. Not all medications make you "fat and tried" in fact there are over 100 medications and supplements that can be used to treat migraine disease. I'll share this article on migraine prevention so you can share it with your doctor;

    Let me know how you make out,

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