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Plant-Based & Whole Food Diets

So I'm whole food plant-based (WFPB), I do eat honey and after the worst month of migraine (8 days this month migraine free), I'm starting the elimination diet. These foods I am currently eating daily! Has anyone done this diet whilst being vegan?

  1. Hi AnnaHG! While you are waiting for someone from the community to share their experience, I wanted to share that our contributor @Kyky Knight has! Here are a couple articles she has written: and I hope this is helpful! ~Melanie (team member)

    1. Hi Luna, Thank you for your reply. I have had a massive reduction in my monthly migraine (currently only 6 this month!) I'm on the elimination diet that's recommended on this website. I'm sorry it didn't help find your triggers. So far I've only added back seeds. Lots of love. ❤

  2. I am WFPB and did an elimination diet a few years back. I followed the recommendations of the elimination diet. I ate the food suggestions that were easily available and not expensive. It told how long to stay off then how to add food items back. When I click on "elimination diet" in your question it did not go to an elimination diet so don't know what one you are referring to. The diet does take a while to do because of adding back food items one at a time to see what specifically affects you. I did not find any food triggers.

    1. Hi, Luna! The links in these posts are added in by our staff members to help direct readers to other articles they might find useful. Hope that clears things up a little. 😀 -Melissa, team

  3. I know my triggers it just isn't the food I eat. WFPB cuts out a lot of processed food so that leaves out a lot of chemicals that are in so much of what passes for food. Sometimes I see some packaged food that looks good but not after reading the ingredient list. Am glad you are finding some answers.

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