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Does anyone have info on plastic food containers?

I am curious if there is any known link from storing food inside plastic (as in: tupperware, rubbermaid, ziplock, etc.) in relation to migraines. Additionally, what about using them in the microwave causing them to get a rough interior and some white opaque discoloration to them. I have started to replace some of them with glass containers already. Thank you.

  1. This is interesting and thanks for your question. I personally do not know of any information related to migraine and plastic containers, but hopefully others might be along to share some insight. I have heard it is not good to microwave them especially once they start to break down & get that rough texture, but honestly do not have any resources to share on this to support it. I will try to dig around a little bit and see if I can provide you with any additional information!

    1. Thank you Joanna. This has been a nagging question for me forever. I guess I should "go with my gut" and continue to switch over to all glass and hope I do not break them too quickly.

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