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Please hurts so much and no one hears me

I'm sorry if this post is long but I need help. Maybe answers or recommendations. Please bear with my long story, im just so tired and it hurts.
About a month ago I started a new job. It was my first in 20 years. I started getting headaches that i assumed were just related to stress of a new job. The headaches continued to get worse but not light sensitive and no issues with loud noise. All of a sudden one day, im having the typical headache, and out of nowhere I start seeing double. Then I get vertigo and am unable to stand. Then unable to sit up. By the time we got to the er, I could not hold my head up on my own and could not tell my birthday or what month it was. After about an hour, all my symptoms went away and I was sent home with a diagnosis of vertigo and anxiety. We did not think that was it so we saw a neurologist. During the initial consult I told him everything. He asked about headaches and i said, yeah I've had some lately but they weren't like "debilitating" like I've heard migranes are. So he orders a ton of tests. In the 2 week wait between tests and the next appointment, my headaches are excruciating. I get tingling in my face, lips, all the way down my arm. I'm not dizzy but woozy. And feel brain foggy. I went for the follow up revealing my tests and it shows ftom the MRI that i have spots on my brain and he feels it's MS and wants to do a lumbar puncture. The problem is, I said to him at the appointment "what should I do about my headaches in the meantime? They're awful". And he told me to do nothing. He says I came to him with vertigo and double vision and says I didn't mention headaches. But I did!!! My husband agrees with me. But the dr blew me off. I don't think he understood how bad the headaches are even though I told him...twice. I had even called the office between tests asking what to do for the headaches and he said to wait till all the tests were done. I feel in my heart these are migranes. Even if it is MS, my head still hurts. I asked him if headaches were a symptom of MS and he said no. My question is...they hurt so bad. I try to go about my day and not fuss and try to ignore it. But it hurts. What can i do to help this pain? And couldn't the spots on my brain MRI be from migranes and not MS? Can anyone tell me what to do in the meantime until the lumbar puncture and the next appointment? Please tell me there's something I can take over the counter or herbal besides Excedrin migrane. It doesn't do anything to help! It's so hard to go about my days and try to be normal in this pain.
Thank you in advance for reading my story and for any advice you can give.

  1. I went for years with no one taking me seriously. I have severe anxiety and every dr/neurologist said 'tension haedaches' immediately.
    They finally got so bad and long lasting, I tried again. I finally found a neurologist who LISTENED. I cried.
    I had to go to a major city, to a specialist at a hospital.

    1. Hi Mom4boys,

      I'm am so very sorry to hear that you are having extended, debilitating head pain. My first thought is that you may need to get a second opinion, especially since this neurologist is not addressing your head pain. It's not uncommon for migraine disease and multiple sclerosis to occur at the same time but not caused by one another.

      It's true people with long term migraine disease may have white lesion matter, but I believe (I could be wrong) MS lesions are different. We have a sister site, you may want to visit for more information;

      Unfortunately I can't tell you what to take for your head pain, no one here can. I can tell you if it persists, maybe another trip to the ER or urgent care may be necessary. Or continue to call the neurologist until you get some answers and help.

      I wish I had better news for you and really hope this head pain resolves asap. Will you keep me posted?

      1. Hi Mom4boys-

        I know you are dealing with a new diagnosis. If you continue to have head pain, headache specialists often are better educated to handle

        I hope you have a nice day ☀️

        1. Hi Mom4boys,
          I’m sorry you have had so much pain. I know what it’s like to have doctors not listen to me and it was discouraging, frightening, and frustrating.

          , you are right to suggest a headache specialist. It is my opinion that your doctor should address your pain while you wait for tests to be completed. We don’t give medical advice, but some of us don’t respond at all to otc meds.

          Keep us posted on your progress.
          ~ Peggy

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