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Pollen Trigger??

My daughter is 12 and getting slammed with migraines the last few weeks. I notice an increase in what she's been dealing with recently compared to the rest of the year. I believe last Spring there was also an increase in migraine frequency. She takes a daily preventive (amatriptylene) and imitrex for episodes.

Does pollen trigger migraines?? I am wondering if she could try taking pollen pellets and working up towards a tolerance for it.

Anyone else experience an increase in migraine when Spring starts???

Thank you! Frustrated Mom here just trying to find relief for my daughter. So hard sometimes. I love her so much.

  1. Some Migraineurs definitely get hit harder with the change of the seasons. It may be related to the change in barometric pressure or, like your daughter, it could be worse from allergies. If she's never seen an allergist, you should consider going. The doc can perform an allergy test to see what affects her. Then the doc may be able to treat the allergies, which can in turn alleviate the Migraines.

    This is a good article to read by a Headahe Specialist about Migraines and Allergies.

    I hope she gets some relief soon!

    1. Sorry for the pain your daughter is experiencing.

      My migraines resumed this spring. Heavier than normal pollen in Northeast. I do have allergies but my headaches were initially misdiagnosed as sinus headaches.

      Glad your daughter has someone who cares and will be her advocate.


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