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Pollution causing headaches or migraines?

I have status migranosus, im basically always in pain or feel tired and drained. I went on vacation recently, which i was really nervous about being sick while away. What if i got a migraine ect ect. However I spent about five days in the west coast of ireland and was almost headache free. I would get slight headaches in the morning and at night but as soon as i went outside i felt better. I cant remember the last time i had felt so good. As we drove to dublin my headaches started to come back. And then when we got back home my headaches got even worse. I live in a major city and am now wondering if pollution levels are effecting me. It would be nice to find a trigger bc living like this, in pain all the time, its not really a great way to live. Has anyone else experienced this or found a salution by moving to a more rural area?

  1. Hi there SELKIE,
    Thanks for your question. What a lovely trip it sounds like you had and to hear you were nearly migraine free is wonderful! That being said, yes...there are many environmental triggers (i.e. air quality, loud noises, etc.) that could affect migraine. You can read more abut this here - Additionally, you may find this article interesting to review by one of our contributor's who lives in a major city and discusses many of the elements of city living - Thanks again for reaching out! Take good care, Joanna ( Team)

    1. Have you ever heard of anyone being stuck in a migraine?

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