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Post pill/pregnancy migraines

Me…again 🫠. Does anyone have any advice for managing migraines when going off birth control? I don’t typically get bad migraines based on my cycle but it seems this time that happened and I’m worried if going off pill will make it worse? Also, ANY recommendations for meds/tips of managing migraines during preg is appreciated, as well as postpartum. I’m so nervous.

Lastly, I’m sure many people hear this question: Do you ever worry about your kidney/livers with all the meds us migraineurs take? I do!

  1. Hi there, . Thanks for posting your questions, I'm so glad that you reached out. This article about menstrual migraines may be helpful, and I encourage you to give it a look over:

    Have you talked to your neurologist (if you have one) about your concern with stopping birth control? Perhaps they might have some feedback on how to best approach this situation.

    I can also understand that nervous feeling about how pregnancy may affect your migraines. Here's an article that we have about migraines during pregnancy: Perhaps that one may be helpful as well.

    I know you had mentioned concerns of postpartum, which is briefly mentioned in this article here: The article's topic is: "What Is the Relationship of Hormones to Pregnancy, and How Does This Affect Headaches?"

    We also have an article about labor and delivery if that is something that might provide some ease and comfort to learn about:

    Lastly, here is an article on hormonal changes and how that can be a trigger for migraine:

    Please do let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Those are the most relevant resources that I could find available at this time.

    - Cody (Team Member)

    1. Tysm! Yes, I have so many questions for my poor headache specialist! Lol.

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