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Does anyone else get euphoric after a migraine? I can hardly find any information on it. I hear very few people experience this.

  1. Mood changes, including euphoria can definitely be a postdrome symptom. I have never experienced it, but hopefully someone else in the community can weigh in on this symptom. Wishing you a pain-free day. April - Team

    1. could it also be related to my bipolar 1? That is a mood disorder after all.

    2. Hey @Scoob, your doctor could probably give you a more definitive answer. However, I have seen others through the community mention feeling euphoric afterwards. I am not sure of their mental health history, but that is something to research. Warmly, Shayla (, Team Member)

  2. @Scoob my husband has experienced this on a few occasions. It's like he's having a manic cycle after an attack. He's got tons of energy and wants to do all sorts of projects and chores around the house. It's nice, but also very weird! Warmly, Cheryl team

    1. thank you! I was wondering if it could possibly be tied to my bipolar (like mania or hypomania). I often wonder if it's because the pain is so intense, where I think I'm dying and end up in the hospital, that when it is revealed I feel high because the pain is gone.

    2. @Scoob that's entirely possible. It would be a good subject to talk through with your doctor. I don't know how it would be treated, but a doctor should have a pretty good idea of how to approach it. Warmly, Cheryl team

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