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Postdrome or 24 hour depression?

I've recently been diagnosed with migraine, following several severe attacks. In restrospect, I see that over my life, I have had several aura attacks, starting from my mid twenties. The first two were visual disturbances, and no other symptoms. Then a big gap followed by two olfactory hallucinations, and no other symptoms. Then a big gap until recent times, when I have had 4 attacks, each having nausea, light and sound sensitivity, minor visual disturbances, two with vomiting and one with a severe headache.

Not hard to see why the diagnosis took so long!

But.... every six weeks or so, I get a 24 depression, a severe mood drop to the point of being non-functional (not able, reliably, to leave the house). I've long ago stopped panicking about them, but it would be nice if they didn't happen.

I'm beginning to wonder, given the silent nature of many phases of the identified migraine attacks, if these fast depressions, which don't seem to fit any model of depression I've found, could be postdromes to otherwise silent migraines?

Can anyone advise?

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