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Pregnancy- Weaning off klonopin for MAV

I'm new and looking for advice from those who have Migraine Associated Vertigo. I have been on klonopin for 9 years for continuous imbalance/vertigo due to migraine. I pretty much am always dizzy to some extent, day and night. I was lucky to find a medication, klonopin, that helped me early on in my diagnosis. As much as I did not like taking a medication daily, it seemed at the time, the only way to get through the days normally, maintain relationships, keep my job, etc. The only problem was putting off pregnancy with the impression that I should never have a baby being on this med. Well, I've decided to wean off of it and try (because I'm getting older & realizing this is my last chance to try to get pregnant!). My question is for anyone who has gone through pregnancy and migraine- particularly chronic dizziness- med free. What was your experience like? Did your symptoms get worse with pregnancy? Any feedback or advice would help. I am scared to do this, but know I will regret it if I don't try. I would really appreciate your stories and commend anyone trying to get through this life with this disease! Thank you! -Jennifer

  1. Hi jennifer31,

    I have a bit of dizziness from time to time, but nothing that requires medication. I do have a member of my migraine and headache disorder support group who has horrible MAV. She is past child bearing age, has made some serious lifestyle changes to help manage her vertigo along with medication.

    Migraine symptoms may improve with pregnancy due to the influx of estrogen for some women. On the other hand just the opposite is true - each pregnancy is different.

    Have you raised your concerns with the medical professionals who are treating you? If not, have a frank conversation with them - write down all your questions and concerns and see if you can come up with a good treatment plan.

    No doubt you already know this about MAV, but This information may help with MAV: and

    Here is a link with information about migraine and pregnancy and hopefully others will be along to share their experiences with you;

    Keep us posted on how you are feeling,


    1. Hi Nancy,

      Thank you very, very much for your reply. Actually, I thought I had read everything that was available about MAV, but the articles you sent were very helpful. It was very hopeful to find that MAV was just recently recognized as a migraine, & hopefully there will be more awareness of it now.

      Over the past year of weaning off klonopin, I've been pleasantly surprised that the dizziness has been tolerable... well... I can at least still go to work which is huge!

      This site seems very friendly & helpful! Thank you again and my best to you and all the others who live with this "friend" of ours! 😀


      1. Hi Jennifer,

        I'm so happy to hear that information was helpful. I've said many times it is wonderful to find support and people who understand what we go through.

        Please keep us informed on how you are feeling,


    2. Have you tried meclizine? It works well and I believe you can take it during pregnancy,

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