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Questions about side effects

My first 70mg injection was beginning of August and was lucky?? enough to get the second 70 mg on time. My question is... is anyone having extreme fatigue and/or muscle pain? I'm really hoping this works for me, but this a very noticeable change. I've always had muscle pain, but this is unreal and I get up at 6am and see everyone off to work/school and can easily lay back down (and have) at 9 and sleep until my kids get home at 3. Help! Is this happening to anyone else?

  1. Hi Dana,

    Thank you for your question. As I may have mentioned, I've not tried AImovig, but know others who have. Some have mentioned increased fatigue. If you think this is a side effect you can report it to the FDA here;

    Could you have a virus or something else that would contribute to fatigue?

    Keep us posted on how you are doing,


    1. Hi Dana,

      I had my first dose two days ago, and have had no side effects yet. I've been sleeping well (early nights ever since) but it's been a very busy few days. I'll keep you updated if anything happens.

      1. Hi Petermarwood,

        Aimovig and the new CGRP medications are definitely not a “cure” rather another tool to help prevent migraine attacks.
        Don’t lose hope, if this one doesn’t work, the others may!!

        Looking forward to another update.

      2. I had my second dose a week ago and I love this. No real side effects, I've halved my Trokendi, and I'm about to stop that completely. The only issue I'm having is that the Trokendi had some unexpected positive side-effects controlling my bipolar, and I will need to go to my psychiatrist to get those meds adjusted. Possibly I'm having psychiatric effects from the Aimovig, but unlikely.

    2. Yes! After about a week after my first shot I realized I had extreme muscle aches, particularly in my thighs and profound fatigue. I think the fatigue has been the most disruptive. I had thyroid disease in the 90's and the fatigue is very similar to hypothyroid symptoms. (I have since had my thyroid removed so it is not a recurrence of that problem.)

      1. Hi Neely,

        Are you feeling better now? Will you keep us updated on your progress?


      2. Yes, Nancy. The muscle fatigue ia subsiding. Still fatigued. I do think I notice some improvement tho’. I am waking up feeling better than I have in years.

    3. I'm nearing my second month on Aimovig. I've had chronic migraine for 6 years and am not a typical case given I am male, old (well, the new young at 63), and I have Chiari (which has been successfully operated on). That said, I am not impressed so far. As someone else posted, my standard remedy for as often as I can with the number allowed, are triptans and now they are hardly working for me at all. This has gone progressively worse since the first Aimovig dose. In addition, I have far more very difficult to treat migraines and this past week I had bad ones 6 days in a row -- far worse than the norm for me and the worst I've ever been. On the plus side, I did have a 4 day period with only minor headaches. But the bad times are way overshadowing the good. Not impressed.

      1. Hi aero1,

        Thank you for the progress report!!

        Maybe the third dose will be the charm??

        Try not to lose hope, of Aimovig doesn’t work, there are two other CGRP medications on the market that may.


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