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red/purple at fingernail base

Has anyone had red or red-purple discoloration at the base of your fingernails?

My thumbs started this a week ago and now its in nearly every finger on both hands. Big toenails have it too. But it is particularly vivid on right thumbnail, with red lines coming up about half way on the nail.

I'm thinking about calling the doctor, but was interested in any relation to migraine? Or headaches? I've had migraines for almost 30 years now and this could be a new symptom?

  1. Hi mrsbrimtown,

    I've not heard of this being related to migraine, but that doesn't mean it can't happen. Seeing as this is a new and different symptom please contact your doctor and discuss it with him. Keep us posted OK?


    1. I've got an apt. on Thursday so okay.

      1. Okay, the doctor didn't think it was from migraines. Could be a handful of other things: kidney, liver, lupus, circulation, vitamin deficiencies, etc. That just meant having a bunch of blood work and a scheduling a follow up visit to discuss results.

        Funny, I'm used to it always being the migraines!

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