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Relief…. Finally After 40 Years

My first migraine was at age 10. Migraine frequency and intensity increases significantly after age 40 (3-4 a week with intensity, 6-10... with 8 landing you in the emergency room). I visited both the Diamond Headache Clinic (3 times) and Baylor Clinic (twice) with very limited relief.
I have tried limiting stress (counseling), exposure to blue ray and/or bright light, multiple preventative meds, and eliminating migraine causing foods ALL with limited or no effect on frequency and intensity of migraine.
BUT now, since age 70, I have my life back (2 minor headaches a month, not sure they are even migraine). Two aspirin and 1/2 atcetophetamine usually relieves in 2 hours.
What worked for me... never never give up... keep looking and trying to find the KEY or KEYS to STOPPING migraine.
For me, aerobic exercise (running 3-5 miles) 4 or more days a week, increasing serotonin levels by taking a significant amount of amino acid supplements, deep tissue massage twice monthly, and Emgality injections once a month. ALL have to be done but migraines are essentially gone.

  1. I'm so glad to hear that you've finally found some much-needed relief . It sounds like your treatment regimen is extremely well-rounded, with a combination of consistent exercise, complimentary and alternative treatments like massage, and the Emgality injections. There are also a variety of migraine devices that you can use to prevent and abort active migraine episodes. Have you ever researched those before? I have not personally tried them, but it could be another great resource to add to the mix of tools you already have. Here's a link: Best, - Cody (Team Member)

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