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I have had migraines since I was a teenager. When I hit 52 they became chronic. I thougth it was menopause. I have been on Restasis for over 10 years. I quit about a month ago. I've only had two migraines and know that I ate food that triggered them. They were not severe. I also feel so much better overall, I think I've become depressed from all the migraines but after research have found that the Restasis can cause it. I wanted to share this in case anyone else is on it. Let me know if anyone else has had this.

  1. Hi Kelly,

    Thank you for your comments and being part of the discussion forum!

    I'm happy to hear you are feeling better, that's great news! Medications can certainly trigger a migraine attack. We're not exactly sure what causes migraine, but do know it's a genetic neurological disorder. When you get a moment take a look at this article for more information on cause vs. trigger;


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