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Return Of The Migraine :-(

Hi, I am a 40 year old male and have been Migraine free for 20 years. I used to get a lot when I was at school (exams years) and they were really bad. At the time I took Feverfew which seemed to help. By the time I started work at 18 ish I cant remember ever having to take a take off for Migraines so I guess they were under control.

Now at the good old age of 40 they have come back and although I am not having many (compared to a lot of people), I have had a few since June and its kicking my confidence!

I gave up a job I had done for 12 years in June and took my first Migraine the week I was due to finish. Since then I have had 3 full visual disturbance ones and a few lesser symptom ones.

I consider myself under a lot less pressure than I have been in years yet my health has gone down since stopping work with panic attacks, loss of weight and now the migraines.

I am looking for anyone who has or knows of similar having happened? Are they stress related? Should I go back on the feverfew? Really dont know what to do for the best 🙁

  1. Coupeboi,
    Stress can definitely trigger Migraines. Migraines can also evolve and change over time, so it's hard to know exactly what the cause is. The best way to identify why is to keep a Migraine Diary that tracks what you eat and what your pain scale is. Here are some articles about keeping a diary.

    If you haven't been seeing a neurologist for your Migraines, you should definitely consider it. Feverfew could be helpful but you may want to consider being on a preventative medication since you are having so many Migraines.

    -Katie Moderator

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