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Running & Migraines

I have been suffering from migraines for approx 10 years. I enjoy running however I think I may have to stop. I can workout in a gym and not get a migraine. However I can run a 5k to a marathon and end up with a migraine in the end. I don't know why running does this. As much as I enjoy the run I am wiped out due to the migraine, not the run. Does this happen to anyone else?

  1. Aerobic exercise can trigger migraines for some people. If the running you do is more aerobic than your gym workouts or you run longer than you workout in the gym, this could be the issue. It could also be that you get more dehydrated while running or are affected by outdoor temperatures or air pollution. You might be able to modify your routine to avoid triggering a migraine while running. You can also see if your doctor has medication suggestions that you could use to safely abort a migraine while running.

    Good luck!


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