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I just ran into this: which recommends adding a large quantity of table salt to lemonade or lime juice. It sounds too simple, but I've certainly tried things that are crazier. Has anybody tried this?

  1. Hi Brian,

    I don't know anyone who has tried this but can tell you it won't stop the migrainous process. Medications like triptans and ergotamines DO stop it. Continue reading this article for information on abortive medications to stop attacks;

    Lifestyle choices can go a long way in helping reduce our migraine frequency and severity. Staying hydrated, maintaining a regular sleep schedule, not skipping meals, and other things. Let me share a bit of information on triggers with you; Once we learn what our migraine triggers are we can avoid them, and manage the ones we can't avoid like weather and hormones.

    To figure out what our triggers are is to keep a detailed migraine diary. If you haven't done this recently you may want to do so. The thing is it is easy to do because there are so many apps out there now. Here is information on how to keep one;

    I do hope this helps,

    1. Since October 2015 I have been using salt and water to help my migraines. It's working.

      I stopped taking my Imigran migraine medication.

      I was told that taking my migraine medication Imigran I can have Serotonin Syndrome is a very serious drug reaction that can occur from medications that stimulate the neurotransmitter serotonin. I don't know if this is true. I was told that I will have a slow death taking Imigran medication.

      I have been using salt under my tongue and water. I feel a migraine coming on. I go to bed high on my pillows and sleep for 2 hours. The migraine is gone.

      It depends on the weather also that I need food and salt and water.

      I have used 1/4 cup of milk with my salt and water.

      I have lived with migraines everyday since started when I was a teenager. I inherited from my grandmother who had migraines. I use to have migraines everyday that lasted 3 months period then returns. I have experienced auras. I have vomited with my migraines. Generally felt unwell everyday.

      I found that I don't need to eliminate gluten from my diet because I was tested for gluten allergy reaction and have none.

      I do have Hashimotos Thyroiditis (I take thyroxine everyday) and lymphedema (from my Ovarian Cancer surgery to remove lymph nodes).

      I have my life back without migraines.

      1. Hi Petra,

        Thank you for sharing what works for you. I'm happy to hear your seen a reduction in your migraine frequency and severity.

        At this time there is no research to substantiate that salt controls migraine. It may be your body needs salt and to stay hydrated. Anytime our body is out of homeostasis, an attack can occur. Sleep on the other hand, is a natural abortive, I'm glad that works.

        The information about Imigran, or sumatriptan, may not be entirely accurate. Serotonin syndrome is a potential side effect, but a very rare one. Thousands and thousands and more take this medication without any issue. We have information on this here:

        I'll keep my fingers crossed migraine stays away.

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