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How satisfied are you with your current migraine doctor?

Do you receive the time, care & support that you deserve at your appointments? Are you ever dismissed? Is he/she well educated in migraine disease & knowledgable in treatment options?

Share your experience with us! **Please do not share share personal HCP provider information (i.e. names, etc.)**

  1. My neurologist is one of the young guns, who is both up to date on all the new ideas and medications, but also willing to keep working with me until he finds something that works.
    There is of course a bad side to that. I have been there, done that, for over 40 years, with literally over a dozen different doctors. I have used over 80% of the drugs or more, in nearly every single combination you can think of. I used to take aspirin until my ears rang like a bell. I can't take any NSAIDS at all now, due to a gastric bypass. And after 35 years in a horribly loud foundry type environment, my ears ring in several different tones, in each one. I also had a second night gig as a professional musician, playing sax in a rock band, and I could not do that anymore, due both the severity of the migraines now, but also the tinnitus.
    I had found the one treatment that worked nearly every time for me, to abort migraines, an opioid and a drug to stop the nausea, either zofran or visteril. I sought different preventatives my entire life, including all the blood pressure medications you can think of. Calcium channel blockers, ace inhibitors, beta blockers, a lot of expensive and dangerous mood altering drugs with horrific side effects. Topamax, Depakote, Seraquel, Neurontin, Caffergot, which can cause gangrene. None of the triptans worked for me, and yet my new neurologist once again prescribed me a triptan as an abortive. Which was expensive, and doesn't work. I get migraines nearly every day, and yet my neurologist diagnosed me as possibly having medication overuse migraine. I still get the headaches most days, and yet no medications every day.
    So while my new doctor is for sure very good and I trust him to have my best interests at heart, I have been going through this longer than he has been alive, and sometimes I wish that I found a doctor who could understand that chronic pain is a real thing worth treating, instead of blaming us for all the drug abusers out on the streets dying from illicit fentanyl.

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