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Hysterectomy and Scent Induced Migraine Relief? Anyone?

If you've read some of my few posts, you'll see that scents/smells are my main migraine trigger - which sucks as they are impossible to control/avoid. However, I recently had a hysterectomy (in November) and I feel like my sensitivity to smell/scents has decreased. I mean, I still have had a few whoppers of a migraine - but only 2 and both from wood stove smells. I work in an office environment w/clients - and when they come in with their perfumes/colognes, etc, usually I'm doomed form the first whiff. But since surgery, I have tolerated the scents with only minor to no headaches. I don't want to jinx myself as it could just be the season or something - but I wanted to see if anyone else has heard about this, felt it, noticed it, etc. My Dr. says it's unlikely because I still have my ovaries and that's what drives the hormones, which makes sense. But I can cross my fingers and pray that this was a bonus to the surgery. But I have had considerably less headaches and def less migraines. We have tracked my migraines for years and ruled out any correlation between my cycle and headaches, so I know that it was never a cause. But never correlated scent sensitivity with my female parts. Which when you think about it, kind of makes sense. I remember when I was pregnant, boy the smells/scents were ridiculous, of course, that was prior to the migraine nightmare I now live. Anyone have any thoughts?

  1. Hi Lacy-dumbmigraines78, thank you for reaching out! What an interesting response to your hysterectomy! While I have not heard of others having a similar experience, I am so glad you have experienced a reduction in your scent sensitivity, and thereby scent-triggered migraine attacks! To gain more insight on whether a scent sensitivity reduction is a thing others experience with a hysterectomy (independent of its effect on migraine) you might consider posting the question on our sister-side dedicated to Endometriosis as well. There are extensive discussions about hysterectomy in that community! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the community. I hope this newfound freedom from scent-triggered migraine continues for you! Wishing you a gentle day. ~Allyson ( team)

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