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searching on this site

this is a technical question ... I have a lot of trouble using the search button on this website. It will bring up one or two articles that are about the phrase I searched for but then just links to all the new articles. It does this both on my ipad and desktop.

Normally this is fine, I just cruise the newer articles and forums, but getting more annoying lately.

I need to find a good summary/overview of what chronic migraine entails - symptoms, disability, etc. I want to include it in my file for disability so the person looking it over will understand a bit what im going through. I also thought that if I added something from a site like this, it would look better than me just writing out a page or two.

anyone else have trouble with the search function? Thanks!

  1. Hi Tamara,

    Thank you for the question! Our search is something we discuss on a regular basis and I will let our technical team know.

    Have you seen the disability section? If not let me share that with you;

    I found when applying for disability they want to know what we can't do during the day rather then what we can do. I have a few articles I thought may be helpful; and

    Let me know if that helps!

    1. I would find it helpful if I knew that the MOST RECENT post, regarding my search topic, came up first; going backward in time from there.
      When I search “Medical Marijuana” and the first post is from 8 yrs ago, I think “there must be something more recent.” (2nd post: 4yrs old; 3rd post: 3yrs old; 4th post: 1yr old..).
      Is there a way to change this?
      OR - am I searching incorrectly?

      1. Hi kateymac,

        Thank you for your feedback. You're probably not searching incorrectly, I've had issues as well. I will pass this information on to our technical team.

        In the meantime, here is more recent information on cannabis from community members;

        Does that help any?

        1. Thanks Nancy, I appreciate that. - I could be remembering wrong, but I THINK The Daily Headache site by Kerrie Smyres had a search that brought up recent posts first, and then seemingly many more in that order. I see she contributes here - I hope it’s not overstepping to suggest checking how she does it.
          (Again - if my foggy migbrain is even recalling that right!🙄😉

          Also - THANKS for the links you gave me!! I haven’t managed to look at them yet, but will likely read them tonight or tomorrow.
          Have a great evening!

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