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Seeking/Accepting Home Heath Aid

I think its time for me to seek help from non-burnt out friends or family caregivers. Has anyone been so disabled by Migraines and burnt out
their spouses/partners/family that using a Personal Care assistant) or a Home Health Aid was necessary?
Would you not hire these caring helpers out of personal pride or financial limits?

  1. I think finances would be the biggest factor for a lot of people. However, I can see non-migraineur family members being sensitive to a stranger in the home. Honestly, if I thought I needed that much help, I'd probably already be using so many health care services that I would qualify for in-home care. Anyone who has been awarded Social Security disability benefits can apply for a HCBS Medicaid Waiver for home health services. These services include meal preparation, basic housekeeping (laundry, dishes, etc.), transportation to appointments (helpful if you can no longer drive). These services are not usually paid for by traditional insurance companies, so the Medicaid Waiver opens up Medicaid funds to the very ill who would not qualify for Medicaid based on income. It's a safety net for the most disabled. To apply, you would need to contact your community social services office. Funds are limited so there is often a long waiting list. Even so, I wouldn't delay.


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