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Sensitive Head…

Does anyone else notice a greater sensitivity to touch around the head outside of migraine episodes?
Like your favorite pillow suddenly seems like it’s hard as a rock and gravity is mashing your skull into it… but there is no migraine in sight.
Or tiny little bumps to the head or unexpected touch suddenly trigger what can only be an “overreaction” headache one might expect from severe head trauma. But without the actual concussion.
Or just fixing your hair the same as every day suddenly feels so overwhelming you have to stop and lie down.
Or even having your bottom teeth touch the top ones feels like the pressure will force your brain out the eye sockets.
I don’t know if this is just my weird body, or Aura, or if it’s a migraineur thing.

  1. Yes. There are many times that my nerves hurt from laying on them in bed. Wearing my hair in a ponytail or hairclip somedays is way too painful. Look up an image of the nerves in your head and neck and it will begin to make sense. Good luck as you go through this journey. Honestly, the more you learn about your migraines and all the weird symptoms that can accompany it the more comfort and less scary they become.

    1. I’m marginally familiar with the major nerve branches along the skull, but I hadn’t realized that General head sensitivity was common among people with migraine. My poor neurologist. At this rate, I might as well buy a notebook for all the symptoms, sensitivities, and triggers!

    2. Don't feel bad, I feel like the laundry list is the case for many people! It is what it is. <3

      The sensitive head thing, allodynia, is a hot topic here. I don't know if you've seen it before, but this is one of my favorite articles about it -- I find it's one I continue to share again and again.

      Glad you're here. There's always something new to learn! -Melissa, team

  2. It should be called allodynia. Yes it is definitely associated with migraines. Our brain is just hypersensitive, that's how I explain many things to myself. However, I agree that a lot of things you're experiencing make much more sense as you learn more about migraine, its symptoms and its consequences on everyday life.

    1. @callmeclaire you are right it is called allodynia! You described it very well. Thanks for taking the time to post your excellent reply! Warmly, Cheryl migraine team member

    2. Thank you! It’s good to know what this thing is called, and that it’s not just another odd thing my body does. As sorry as I am to learn that other folks have to deal with this on top of everything else that comes with migraine, it’s good to know you’re not the only one with off-the-wall symptoms.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing some of your journey with us. You are definitely not alone in this experience. It sounds like allodynia which is a condition that often accompanies migraine. Here's some information on the topic (be sure to read the community comments that follow these articles/videos):

    We are here for you- please let us know how else we can support you. Warmly, Holly ( team).

    1. Very much so. I have spots on the back of my head/scalp that will feel tender as if I bruised or bumped my head. I will actually get swollen and inflammation in the muscles in my head and neck. It's so weird, and I am sorry you're suffering

      1. @jenipie I'm sorry you have to suffer from allodynia. Have you found anything that helps the pain? My husband also suffers from allodynia and he keeps his hair very short and uses ice packs to help with the pain and discomfort. Warmly, Cheryl migraine team member

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