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Sensory overload and Migraines?

Hey guys,
Just curious about your thoughts. I often get over stimulated by sounds, smells, and bright lights when I'm stressed (makes it hard to go out into large crowds) but it isn't always followed by a migraine. I read recently that Aura migraines can have Aura symptoms without the migraine part. Could the sensory sensitivity be a thing with out the migraine all the time as well?

  1. Hello!

    I have been reading articles here for some time, and came today to find some info on having the strange symptoms without the big headache pain. So it is fortuitous that I then found your post question.

    As of right now, I am getting some weird symptoms but it doesn't seem to be devolving into a full visual aura and much pain at all. I have some tingling and numbness in my face and hands, some bizarre perceptual sensations a'la Alice in Wonderland (i have read about Alice in Wonderland syndrome and migraine here, and some awareness of cognitive changes. I do rarely have difficulties with language and speaking with a migraine (the words don't come out right). And I am a writer and editor, and sometimes when the aura starts, I can feel my ability to come up with words and sentences in writing shift significantly. My eyes are also feeling "shifty" but not yet to the real visual aura I am used to.

    So my answer is yes, I do get weird aura symptoms a lot I think. The sensitivity to light, sound, and noise are with me very often. And the sensations I am getting today seems of a stronger nature, and do often accompany a full on painful migraine. But this may be the third time in a couple weeks that I have had just the aura symptoms and no full on headache.

    I seem to have a nervous system that is easily over stimulated, and stress is a huge part of that for me. Being out a lot of people is always a triggering event for that, and I do have to watch how much time I spend in crowds and with a lot of people.

    I wonder, but have never read anything to support this, if somehow these symptoms are a part of the cascade that leads to the pain of migraine, but somehow it is a lesser form that does not necessarily (and I think thankfully) end in the full on painful headache experience. It is still a weird and uncomfortable and distracting experience. I tend to start medicating in minor ways that I hope will help (mostly non drug remedies I find somewhat helpful) and I am heading to take a hot bath with a cold cloth on my head. I still have a hard time thinking the pain is not coming, so I try to do things that will abort the process.

    A long answer from me, but I hopefully my thoughts are helpful. And seeing as I am within the experience right now, I had plenty to say. I would love to discus this more. Heading for that bath now 😀

    1. I hope the bath helps! It's helpful to know I'm not the only one who is sensory-sensitive and migraine prone. Maybe it is a nervous system thing. I'll have to look more into that!

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