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Several visual disturbances a day

So, I am 66 and way past menopause so my hormones left me awhile ago. Been part of the migraine with aura club since I was 10. Without my long, drawn out history, for the past week I have had numerous visual disturbances lasting the usual 25 minutes, sometimes with headache, sometimes without. Migraine intensity is no long as it was back in the day and I take preventatives because I am too worried not to and have rescues. But this multiple visual thing is new. I was getting them maybe twice a year, now it's a problem. Any insight?

  1. Hi there - So glad you shared this topic and question with our community. I can't find anything specifically about aura worsening post-menopause or related to aging on our site - but we do know that hormones can play a major role in migraine. I realize you are past the "transition" itself but it could be playing a role. We always recommend for anyone with a shift in their condition - be it frequency/severity, or symptoms, to check in with their migraine doctor for further evaluation. It's great that you have effective preventatives and rescue options but something sounds like it's shifting and it would be a good idea to see if it's time to make a shift in your treatment strategy. If you do get checked out, please circle back and let us know what you learn. Glad you're with us and hope others chime in with helpful information and insights for you. Warmly- Holly team.

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