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Does anyone have shortness of breath when climbing stairs?

Does anyone else have shortness of breath when climbing stairs ONLY during migraine?

In the last couple of years, I've started to become short of breath when climbing stairs, but ONLY during migraine. Is this something you've experienced? I DO have to pee more with one. It's not the meds, it's the migraine - because whether I treat it or not (depends on where it falls in the 1-10 scale), I still have to pee more.

  1. Yes yes yes to the peeing, The warning sign I get with every migraine. I have to pee constantly, it's completely clear no matter if I drink tons of water or not, so it causes me to become dehydrated. I have tried to drink over 3 gallons of water/tea but it doesn't stop the dehydration.

    I get short of breath on the bad ones, any physical activity at all is extremely hard. If I push I get black spots and probably would faint if I pushed harder. Now I just lay on the couch/bed and sleep for the few days.

    I have this on my list of questions for my next doctors visit so can't help besides saying I get the same things. I do have most likely som thing else going on as I get severe joint pain and other symptoms that come in between migraines but we haven't figured out what it is.

    1. Hi Kim!

      I have not experienced specifically shortness of breath when climbing stairs during a migraine, but an overall tiredness comes over me during some attacks. It looks like you've already gotten great feedback from those who've shared your experience. I will say in my experience that Migraine can cause a very high level of exhaustion, to where physical activity that we usually do can become quite challenging. I wanted to share a few articles with you about Migraine and fatigue that I thought you might be interested in checking out:

      Take care!

      1. I thought i was the only one!! It is only when i climb the stairs. I live in an apartment and i stay on the 2nd floor. When my migraine is just mild or even severe i cant even manage the stairs! i can walk around normally, but walking up the flight of stairs for me seems impossible. I felt completely weird for this. I do not notice the pee thing, i could be just because your drinking more water because of your migraine, not sure.

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