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Side effects botox for migraine


I just had botox for chronic migraine.

Shortly after the injections I developed significant pain in my trapezius muscle and neck. I also got significant chills that night, so much so that I was worried I was about to get a very high fever from the flu etc.

Next day the chills were gone, so I didn't check my temperature.

The pain in my shoulders and neck lasted 3-4 days.

On the day after the shot I got pain in my forehead (where I don't usually feel my headache) as well as severe pain in my right temple (where I usually have my headaches). I got a lot of nausea and was bed bound for two-three days after the shots.

On the second-third day I saw that my trapezius muscle was twice as big as it usually was. It seemed to have become swollen on both sides.

September had been an almost headache free month for me. After the shots I've had a severe attack every day, and have been to the ER once.

It's been a week since the shots.

The size of the trapezius muscle looks normal now.

I don't notice any weakening of the injected muscles. I can move my forehead as normal and get wrinkles.

Is this a normal reaction to the botox injections?

It felt like I had an inflammatory reaction in the muscles like I got with the covid vaccine.

I've read about people developing antibodies, but the result of thids was descried as a lack of effect, not as the person getting severe pain or fever.

I normally have no pain after shots whatsoever.

Is it possible that I have gotten a bad batch or the injector used a wrong technique?

Is there something I can do to undo the effects?

Is it possible that it will get better in the next weeks?

  1. - My gracious- sounds like an awful experience. I'm so sorry to hear about your reaction post-botox. I'm assuming this was your first round of trying it? I've been receiving botox injections for migraine for over 20 years. Here is an overview about the pros and cons I've encountered: I generally do not experience negative reactions and it's generally considered to be a treatment with low/no side effects- but we have heard others report issues such as muscle pain and more. Here is a piece we have on a call for side effects of botox: Be sure to check out the comment section. Have you consulted with your doctor yet about your reaction? We'd encourage you to do so. As I talked about in the video - some of the times I've encountered troubling side effects were due to the fact they were administered by a non-migraine specialist. Are you seeing a migraine specialist? There are times I have more muscle soreness than others after botox- and I tend to think it's when they hit a muscle that is especially tight or in spasm already. So many of us with migraine hold a lot of tension in our neck and shoulder muscles. We are here for you and hope you experience some relief soon. Thinking of you- Holly ( team).

    1. That is a scary and painful ordeal to have gone through. I certainly hope it doesn't happen again should you decide to have a second round. I received one occurrence of botox injection into 8 areas (R/L) including the jaw, and I absolutely did not react as you have to the injection. In fact, the injection didn't help very much at all and didn't return for more. But I didn't have what sounds like the "side effects" you've encountered. Being in total agreement with Holly, , I do hope and encourage you to reach out to the treating physician about these worrisome symptoms following your botox injections, if for anything at all, to note your reaction in your health chart. I hope others with more experience with Botox such as Holly jump on and offer up their stories. Health and wellness always - Rebecca (community moderator)

      1. Hi , how are you feeling this week? I'm wondering if your migraines have settled down now that the initial Botox reactions have passed. My fingers are crossed that if you decide to move forward with treatment, you'll have less trouble in subsequent months. Please keep us posted on what your provider says and how things are going. -Melissa, migraine team

        1. Yes I have had this exact reaction with my second set of injections. Very painful return of migraines and pains in neck and shoulders. Didn’t notice swellings. Lasted a good week to 10 days. Very disappointing because this didn’t happen with the first set.

          1. thanks for sharing your experience with botox. Some swear by it and others unfortunately don't have a positive or beneficial experience. It's one of the greatest mysteries and frustration with managing migraine. That's why I'm grateful that we have a variety of options for us to explore - of course, I hope some new options are heading our way too!
            Alene, moderator

          2. Thank you for sharing your experience with Botox for migraine. I've been using this treatment for 20 years: Like you, I've experienced some injection treatments to be more effective than others. I tend to believe this is due to the fact that the location of injections isn't an exact science. Do you plan to continue with Botox? Thinking of you- Holly - team

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